There’s probably no god

This post is probably a little past its sell-by date, which is a pity because I had been hoping the atheists’ advertising campaign would have gained a little more momentum than it has until now. Since October, a group of atheists have been running an advertising campaign on the sides of buses across the UK. The message is “There’s probably no God – Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

Two things strike me. The first is that it is somewhat amusing to see a group of people spending not insignificant amounts of energy and money advertising something that they don’t believe in. If there is no god, why are they so worried that they feel they have to advertise the fact? The second is that having paid for the advertisements, they don’t seem particularly confident about their message. That even the atheists aren’t prepared to state clearly that there definitely is no god simply invites questions from those who haven’t found Him yet.

Which is wonderful news for Christians. Jesus hasn’t had such good publicity since he raised Lazarus from the dead, and ironically, paid for by people who deny Him. May this campaign encourage thought and questions. God has nothing to fear.


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  1. Dan Lacich

    Love the simple yet profound way you put things on your blog. I plan on putting a link for your stuff on my Provocative Christian Living blog.
    Dan Lacich

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